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Bones and Blade
Bones and Blade
Bones and Blade

Bones and Blade


Bones and Blade is a slugfest between foes in a one-on-one, Rock, Paper, Scissors, card, and dice game. Your goal is to outwit your opponent into playing the wrong cards and actions and attack at the right moment.

The quintessential game of strategy and chance, Bones and Blade pits players against each other in a thrilling one-on-one matchup that combines elements of Rock, Paper, Scissors with card and dice mechanics. The essence of the game lies in outsmarting your opponent, predicting their moves, and striking with precision.

A staple in intergalactic bars, it's the universal pastime for spacefarers during downtime and the go-to entertainment on Friday afternoons. Known and played across the cosmos, from bustling space stations to remote outposts, Bones and Blade is more than just a game—it's a cultural phenomenon that ties into Revolve Games' innovative "Stake to Own, Play and Earn" model, offering players not just victory, but a chance to earn and own a piece of the game's universe.

In Revolve Games, the value of assets is intrinsically linked to the ecosystem's overall health, through the direct integration of NFT assets into the in-game economy. This integration is achieved by tethering these assets to RPG stakes. When players stake RPG, they not only generate a character but also bind their stake to that asset, creating a symbiotic relationship between gameplay and the game's economy.

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